Product sales carried out via the Internet through the catalogue available at offer the opportunity to return the product(s) purchased and to obtain  a reimbursement of the expenses.

The right of withdrawal can be claimed provided that a written communication via registered mail is sent to the provider of the goods within 10 working days from the delivery of the product(s). Such communication can be sent within 10 working days via telegram, telex  and fax, provided that it’s confirmed via registered mail within the following 48 hours.

The only expenses charged to the client are those related to the shipment of the product back to the supplier.

The right of withdrawal cannot be claimed if the product is found in altered conditions, that is if:

  1. the original packaging is missing
  2. essential elements of the product are missing
  3. the product was damaged for causes that don’t involve transport
  4. seals are found broken

If you carried out a purchase in our site and you’re wanting to withdraw from the purchase, this easy procedure must be followed.

Please send an email at along with a registered mail within 10 working days at the following address:

Duca di Dolle Società Agricola S.S.
Via Piai Orientali n.5
31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV)

Please ship the product using a courier of your choice. The product must be sent using its original packaging and must contain every accessory, instruction manual and anything that was received by the client in the original delivery.

Please insure the shipment against theft and transport damage and cover the expenses connected to it. If the returned goods are not covered by any insurance for the value specified in the invoice and the goods are damaged or lost during transport, claims the right to charge for any damages withdrawing the equivalent amount of money from the reimbursement.

Please specify the unique order number and send the product to the following address:

Duca di Dolle Società Agricola S.S.
Via Piai Orientali n.5
31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV)

Duca di Dolle will proceed to the reimbursement procedure via bank transfer. Such reimbursement will cover the cost of the goods (shipment costs excluded) and will be made within the following 30 working days from the shipment of the goods by the client and in any case not before the goods are delivered back.

For more information please check the General Sales Conditions.